We are professionals and hobbyists working in Berlin who are interested in C++, the language, its uses and the things people build with it.
We are open for everybody who knows C++ or is interested in learning it or really anybody who wants to hear about the advantages (and fun!) of native programming.
Some of us are involved in the C++ standardization process, some have contributed to the boost libraries. Some of us work in medical imaging and applications, in scientific computing, some develop innovative and intuitive desktop applications, some are specialists in cross-platform development.
We meet about once a month. Anybody is invited to give a talk about a subject that has something to do with C++. Did you build something with C++ and want to share? Have you checked out the latest proposals from the standardization committee? Do you need help with a project of yours?

Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014

October meeting - Designing a message bus wit type depended static dispatch

Dear C++ Community,

for our October meetup we will have a very interesting talk from Mircea Ispas. It will be about designing a message bus for interprocess communication with type depended static dispatch. An outline is
• Context/Introduction:
    - Strong dependencies between modules
    - Changes from one module requires changes in other modules
    - Different platforms have different APIs to implement similar behaviour
• Objectives
     - Decouple modules
     - Implement modules as independent services
• Solution
     - The Observer pattern
     - The Service Locator Pattern & MessageBus - make the observers global

The meeting will take place on 21. Oct as usual in the C-Base. We start at 7p.m, the talk will start at 8p.m.

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